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Project Description
Data entry tool for simple time series.

Flowmarks Events Module for DotNetNuke

Flowmarks is a generic tool for tracking events. It can be used to store miscellaneous events for which there is no specialized application, or you don't want to use one.

I have used it to track long-term personal development events:
  • books and articles read
  • academic credits and grades
  • weight and other health related measurements
You can try it at (registration required), or download it here.
There is also a demo page that doesn't require login, but won't let you save anything either.

Event tracking in Flowmarks consists of two steps:
  1. event data entry and classification
  2. reporting
This project contains only the data entry module. It is intended to be used with the Reports module, or with any other reporting tool.
Unfortunately, at this point I cannot release the Reports module as an open source project.

Flowmarks has a fixed data model for all event types.

An event consists of four core data fields plus a few optional fields. The core fields are:
  • category (relation)
  • date (datetime)
  • label (text)
  • measurement (number)
Example :


See documentation for a complete description of the event fields.

Events are listed and edited in the Events view:


Categories are edited in the Categories view:


Reports are available at the demo site's Reports view, but are not included in the project:


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